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Friday, 22 February 2013

Sustainability Consult Newcomer’s Guide to Brussels: Part #5

Source: thegreensamaritan.com

Learning Languages and Other Useful Information

We hoped you have enjoyed our five-part guide to Brussels.  In our final instalment, we provide a few tips on where to hone your language skills and links to other Brussels information networks.

·       Foreign Language Courses
a.     EPFC
b.     C.V.O.- K.H.N.B.

·       Free Online Language Courses
a.     Coursera
b.     Taalhuis
c.     Speak Good English
d.     Duolingo

·       Other Useful Websites and Mailing Lists
a.     Brussels Expats
b.     BEXPATS
c.     A Club
d.     Xpats
e.     Angloinfo
f.      Agenda
g.     Cityplug
h.     Couchsurfing
i.      Meetup
j.      Brusselslife
                                               i.     104 collective and urban kitchen gardens
                                             ii.     Walk in the city parks
l.      Bruxelles Mobilité
                                            iii.     La carte vélo
                                            iv.     Les itinéraires cyclables régionaux

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