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Thursday, 24 November 2011

TEDx Comes to Brussels

Over 2,000 people attended
TEDx Brussels 2011
Where else but a TED event could effortlessly blend androids, futurologists, entrepreneurs, free-thinkers and statesmen together into a fabulous cauldron of ideas?  I was very fortunate to attend this year’s TEDx Brussels event sponsored by our client .eu at the Palais des Beaux Arts, where such illustrious figures as British statesman Paddy Ashdown, Geminoid DK inventor Henrik Scharfe and physicist Jacques Vallee enthralled the audience with their robots, poetry and visions of the deep future.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Climate change leading to more extreme weather

Source: IPCC
Since 1950, extreme hot days and heavy precipitation have become more common.  There is evidence that anthropogenic atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, including carbon dioxide (CO2), have enhanced these extremes.  In this context, it’s crucial to provide appropriate risk management tools to increasingly vulnerable populations.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

New Belgian "Zero Emissions" Polar Station Website

Source: antarcticstation.org
The Princess Elisabeth, the first “Zero Emissions” Polar Station, launched its new website this week.  This Belgian Polar Station is located in a less well-explored part of Antarctica and hosts expeditions and research, all with minimal impact on the environment.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

SMEs Showcase Innovation at European Biotech SME Awards

We attended the EuropaBio event 'Biotechnology: what's in it for you', where the 'Most Innovative European Biotech SME Award 2011' was presented.  This event aimed to highlight the entrepreneurship and pioneering activity of European Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in biotechnology and their inventive answers to complex problems such as environmental contamination, degenerative medical conditions, epidemics or food security.  The judging panel consisted of G. Steven Burrill, Founding CEO of Burrill and Company, Dr Paul Ruebig, MEP, Tom Saylor, Chair of EuropaBio's SME Platform and CEO of Arecor, and Nathalie Moll, Secretary General of EuropaBio.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

CO2 Emissions Still On The Rise

Source: energyfromthorium.com
Well so much for reducing carbon emissions.  As reported by The Associated Press on 4 November, new research by the US Department of Energy (DoE) has shown that global greenhouse gas emissions rose 6% in 2010.  Rather alarmingly, this represents the highest increase ever recorded, a “monster” increase that is unheard of, according to Gregg Marland, professor of geology at Appalachian State University, who has helped calculate US Department of Energy figures in the past which is particularly surprising given that we are in an economic crisis where you would expect production and the resulting emissions to be down.

Cut Small Businesses A Break Not A Push Overseas

The European Commission's SME policy launched today encourages European small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to seek their fortunes in emerging markets, like China, India, Russia, South East Asia and Latin America.  

The Commission Communication ‘Small Business, Big World - a new partnership to help SMEs seize global opportunities’ says that only 13% of EU SMEs operate outside the EU and shows examples like European SMEs active in chemicals in Brazil.  We really appreciate the Commission throwing their hat in the ring for us small businesses but what role can they really play in this?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sustainable Neighbourhoods in Brussels

Brussels is one of the most lively and diverse cities of Europe.  And it seems that its citizens are also committed to improving the life quality of their communities as local associations sign up for sustainable and integrative activities, developing awareness on important social, economic and environmental issues.