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Monday, 18 February 2013

Sustainability Consult Newcomer’s Guide to Brussels: Part #1

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The Basics

Welcome to Brussels!

If you are new to the city, chances are you are wondering how things work around here.  We hope the Sustainability Consult Newcomer’s Guide to Brussels will help you settle in. 

  • Useful Websites for Flat-hunting: 
a.  Immoweb - the “alerts” function, which sends updates whenever a new apartment is advertised, is especially useful
b.  Vlan
c.   Appartager - this website advertises shared apartments
d.  Craigslist
  • Real Estate Agencies - they do not charge the renter for their services but they are not always very reliable 
a.     Immo Dominique
b.     Trevi
c.     Immocom
d.     Century 21
f.      Brikman
g.     Bureau Toby
h.     Immo J.
  • Registering in Belgium - once you find a place to live, you must go to your local Commune (town hall) and register yourself in Belgium. Without being registered in this country, you cannot open a bank account.
    a.     BNP Paribas Fortis
    b.     ING
    c.     KBC
    d.     Belfius
    e.     Citibank
    f.      bPost (Belgian Post Office)
    g.     Argenta
    h.     AXA Bank Belgium
    • Useful Websites for Job-hunting:
    a.     Eurobrussels
    b.     EurActiv
    c.     EUCareers
    d.     Eures
    • Temping (Interim) Agencies - there are many in Brussels, particularly in the De Brouckère area and they are usually very helpful:
    a.     Actiris - the Brussels region public employment organisation
    b.     Randstad
    c.     Tempo Team
    d.     Adecco 

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