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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Identify the Multipliers for Wider Media Coverage

Metrics are really important in any communications campaign.  Did hits on the website increase during the campaign?  How many new followers came in on Facebook or twitter?   How many were lost?  How many press clippings were generated?  Metrics help chart progress and benchmark a campaign against other actions.  But while numbers are important (especially for consultants who need to justify their existence), there is more to a good campaign than just numbers.

In today’s media landscape where almost everything is published online, it pays to identify the multipliers.  There are aggregator websites who take coverage from one website and republish it on their own.  Sometimes they republish a whole press release or other times an original article from another site.

By identifying the multipliers, we can help the story get wider pick-up.  Normally we can’t contact all the media in a particular sector so identifying the multipliers helps prioritise the outreach.  Just one word of warning though - not all aggregator websites are useful.  Some ‘news’ sites crawl the web grabbing articles and reposting them.  They don’t stay up for long and the value is very limited.  But identify the multipliers in the right sectors whose articles are widely republished and you will help get a campaign off its feet.

How can you identify the winning multipliers?  It should be obvious once you do a couple of rounds of press clippings.  The multiplier is the outlet whose article is widely republished.  

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