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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Five Tips for a Green Valentine’s Day

Source: greendailygrind.com
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so for those of you celebrating but still in need of a special gift, here are our top five ideas for a more environmentally-responsible Valentine’s.

1. Instead of giving flowers, how about something that lasts longer such as a Rose Knitted Brooch or some flower earrings?  If you prefer some real greenery in your day, you could give a plant, or even grow your own tree, whether you have a garden or not.

2. For the decadent foodies amongst us, try baking instead of buying for your other half.  If you don’t want to cook and are Brussels-based, you could always try Pure, an organic chocolate shop in the heart of the city.

3.  Send an e-card instead of a paper one – Smithsonian National Zoo currently has a cute animal-themed selection while Hallmark and Blue Mountain offer a selection of Valentine’s Day e-cards, some of them for free.

4. It is difficult to be original on Valentine’s Day, but thankfully the internet is here to provide some alternative green gift ideas.  How about an eco wind-up hearts radio, a bamboo bath robe or an ‘Ecotools’ cosmetic bag?

5. And for those who are feeling a little frisky - how about a glass plaything?  Hygenic and durable!  Or for a more cerebral eco-option, there is a book out there that wants to make you go green between the sheets and make your love life more sustainable…

And finally, don’t forget to be safe, plug out… and remember that the most important gift you can give on this day is love and appreciation!

Blog by Bárbara Mendes-Jorge

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