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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sustainability Consult Newcomer's Guide to Brussels: Part #3

Source: indhiranuralifah.blogspot.be
Food – Where to Buy It, Where to Eat Out

Belgium is famous for its food, so newcomers should make the most of the available offerings - from Brussels supermarkets, to cafés, restaurants, markets and specialist shops. 

·       Supermarkets
a.     Carrefour
b.     Delhaize  
Cheaper options:
a.     LIDL
b.     ALDI
c.     Colruyt

·       Recommendations for Cafés and Bars:
a.     List of Irish pubs
b.     Place Saint Gery
d.     Place Jourdan
e.     Place Brugmann
f.      Place Luxembourg

a.     Cafe Belga – place Flagey
b.     Madame Moustache - place Sainte Catherine
c.     The Flat - Porte De Namur
d.     Goupil Le Fol – Brussels town centre
e.     Amour Fou - Ixelles

·       Outdoor Markets
a.     Gare du Midi (Sundays 06.00-13.00)
b.     Clemenceau (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 06.00-14.00)
c.     Flagey (Saturdays and Sundays 08.00-13.30)
d.     Place Chatelain (Wednesdays 13.00-19.30)
e.     Place Jourdan (Sunday morning)

·       Organic Shops in Brussels
A wealth of “bio” shops exist in Brussels, below are our favourites:
a.     Be Positive
b.     Label Green
c.     Tan
d.     Shanti

·       Veggie Restaurants
a.     Den Teepot – Brussels’ only vegan restaurant
b.     Dolma – a combined restaurant and organic shop which has been running for over 40 years

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