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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sustainability Consult Newcomer's Guide to Brussels: Part #4

Painting from Magritte's Bottle Series
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Culture and Leisure

This multicultural city boasts a diverse and plentiful cultural offering, as well as many different sporting associations and centres.  Below are our picks of the best in entertainment and exercising.

·       English Bookshops
a.     Cook and Book (bookshop/restaurant complex near the Roodebeek metro station)
b.     Waterstones
c.     Sterling Books

·       English-Language Theatres
e.     English Comedy Club

·       Cinemas
a.     UGC Unlimited card – for €19/month, you can see as many films as you wish at the UGC De Brouckère and Toison d’Or cinemas or UGC Antwerp
b.     Kinepolis
a.     Vendôme
b.     Actor’s Studio
c.     Cinematek
d.     Cinema Aventure
e.     Galeries
f.    Spotted by Locals – the Brussels section of this website runs a cinema blog

·       Museums
a.     Museum night fever
b.     Nuit blanches
c.     Nocturnes
e.   Many Brussels museums are free on the first Sunday of every month

·       Alternative Cultural Venues
a.     Muziekpublique
b.     Coiffure Liliane
c.     Beursschouwburg
d.     Bonnefooi
e.     Botanique
f.      VK* Concerts

·       Non-Profit Sports Associations
a.     Friskis&Svettis
b.     Fitnesspalace
d.     DOS Woluwe - DOS Woluwe is a torball club.  ‘Torball’ is a ball sport for blind and visually-impaired people.

·       Swimming Pools
a.     L’Espadon - Etterbeek
b.     Piscine Victor Boin - Saint Gilles
d.     Piscine Neptunium - Schaerbeek

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