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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Five More Green Spaces in Brussels

Parc de Woluwe
Source: Wikimedia Commons
The sun is shining in Brussels, so it’s a good opportunity to present a follow-up to our Five Green Spaces in Brussels blog post from last year.

1/ Parc de Woluwe
In Eastern Brussels sits a lush park with a big lake and majestic trees, the largest in a cluster of green spaces close to Tervuren.  Take a book or a picnic with you – it’s worth spending a couple of hours here at least.

2/ Parc de la Sauvagère
This multipurpose green space has an eating area, a basketball court, a playground and, best of all, a large enclosure with numerous animals, including bunnies, chickens, pheasants and turkeys.

3/ Parc Josaphat
Hidden in Schaerbeek, this sprawling park boasts a number of sculptures, bridges, an archery area, a mini-golf course… and a fountain of love!  There are also some interesting places to eat near the park and a few B&Bs for anyone wanting to stay closer to a greener area in town.

4/ Parc du Wolvendael
A hilly green area in Northern Uccle, which is fun to get lost in.  The École des Arts d’Uccle is also located here, which offers a range of art courses for adults and children.

5/ Canal Park Bxl
Well – actually a park in progress.  A crowdfunding campaign is trying to get donations for a ‘Pop Up Park’ close to the Brussels canal.  With over half of Brussels’ population living less than 2km from the canal, the initiative wants to give residents a green, healthy space nearby.  For more information, check out the campaign’s Facebook page.

Blog by Bárbara Mendes-Jorge, Junior Consultant at Brussels-based sustainability communications and PR agency Sustainability Consult.

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