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Friday, 20 June 2014

5 Sustainable Food Apps

Apps to pick apples by
 It’s getting ever easier to check just how sustainably we’re eating day-to-day.  With so many online tools promising to help make our diets more ethical, we thought we’d list five of the best.

1. Seasons
As consumers, we’ve become too used to out of season food being readily available.  The Seasons app for iPhone helps to readdress this.  It highlights natural growing seasons of local vegetables and fruits.  English, French, German and Spanish support is available.

2. EVA Restaurant Guide
Eating less meat is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint.  This helpful list of restaurants across Flanders and Brussels makes finding a vegetarian meal easy.  The guide is also available on Android.

3. Good Fish Guide Mobile App
Using a database from the Marine Conservation Society, eaters can check the origin and sustainability of many different species.  The sustainable seafood guide is available online or as a mobile app.

4. Food Rescue
Sainsbury’s and Google launched this online tool at the start of June.  Voice recognition technology allows users to find recipe ideas for up to nine ingredients.  This all feeds into a leaderboard that records which areas of the UK are wasting less food.

5. The Good Shopping Guide Ethical Shopping App
It may not have the snappiest title in the world but this shopping app comes endorsed by Friends of the Earth.   The guide compares brands using environmental and ethical credentials.  Barcoo is a useful alternative for German speakers.  It uses a barcode scanner and rates products using a traffic light colour system. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg (lettuce).  Over the coming weeks, we will look at other cutting edge and localised apps for sustainable diets.
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Blog by Richard Delahay, Junior Consultant at Brussels-based sustainability communications and PR agency Sustainability Consult.

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