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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Five Winter Veggies

Eating local food in season is a good way to support local farmers and eat as nature intended.  Stocking up on local veggies is also a less expensive way to feed your tribe.

1. Celeriac – Also known as celery root (because that’s what it is), celeriac can be made into thick sweet soups or pureed with potato for a more elegant mash.

2. Broccoli – You know it’s important to eat your greens and broccoli is an easy one.  Lightly steamed or stir fried with soy and a little chilli, this is one versatile brassica.

3. Onions – Love ‘em or hate ‘em, onions are at the base of many a recipe.  In winter, sweat them to bring out the sweetness or make onion soup.

4. Kale – One of our New Year’s resolutions is to try making kale chips.  It does sound weird but the vegan guys seem to be onto a winner here.  Just rub kale with oil and salt and bake in the oven.  If you don’t believe us, check out a recipe.

5. Cabbage – So versatile, use cabbage in salad, pickles, coleslaw, stir fried or just lightly steamed with butter and black pepper.  You can even make real sauerkraut by fermenting cabbage.  The oracle on fermentation is Sandor Ellix Katz.

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