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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Five Eco Trends to Watch

  1.  Shwopping and swishing  Saving unwanted or last season’s clothes from landfill by organising clothes swapping parties has been around for a while but we’re seeing swishing or shwopping parties cropping up more widely.

  2.  Food banks  The sad state of the economy means that more people are in need of assistance.  Expect to see more food banks across Europe.

  3.  Kitchen composting  Not everyone has room for a compost bin or wormery outside so indoor composting units are a way of dealing with compostable waste like vegetable scraps, tea and coffee leftovers.

4.    Vertical agriculture  This is an exciting concept where high-rise buildings in the heart of cities are used for growing food.

5.    Community gardens  A growing movement in the States and Europe, community gardens are a way of bridging social divides in the community, teaching kids where food comes from and encouraging the consumption of local food.  We wish there was one on every corner!

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