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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Five Natural Hangover Cures

Source: My Birdie

If you overdid the celebrations on New Year’s Eve, this one’s for you.  Happy New Year to you and yours.

1.    Ginger tea We’ve said it before in our Five Natural Treats blog but ginger is so good for you and really warming in the winter or when you feel under the weather.  Just slice up some ginger root and add hot water.  Breathe in all that delicious ‘gingeriness’.

2.    Wheatgrass juice  A shot of wheatgrass is packed full of nutrients.

3.    Carbohydrates before bed  Pizza, kebab, buttered toast and Marmite, depending on where you come from, you probably have your own recipe to soak up any excesses before bed.

4.    Lots of water (rehydrate) or hair of the dog  The first is the more sensible option, the second favoured by some!

5.    Wasabi bath Run a hot bath and add a teaspoon or so of powdered wasabi.  We haven’t tried it but we’re tempted.

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