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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Adventures In Brussels And Beyond: My First Week

I’m now entering my second week at Sustainability Consult and wanted to share my experience so far. 

Hayley Coristine
I moved to Brussels from Birmingham in late August to join the Sustainability Consult Team after having worked on the scientific side of sustainability and environmental management for the past two years.  I loved the work I was doing in England but really missed the creative input and communications work that I’d enjoyed in previous jobs.  As the newest member of the Sustainability Consult Team, I’ve been able to merge my two interests, which has been really satisfying so far. 

Since I came on board, I’ve been working on media monitoring, proofreading and writing tweets and posts for our social media accounts.  One of my major research interests is water scarcity, so World Water Week (1-6 September) provided a good opportunity to tweet about something scientific and relevant.

My transition to life in Brussels has been very smooth thanks to the Sustainability Consult Team, all of whom have made me feel very welcome.  As it turns out, I’ve barely had a free evening since I emerged into the bright Belgian sunshine just over a week ago!  In addition to an introduction to the Wednesday institution of after-work drinks in Place du Châtelain, I’ve also taken part in the Friday evening Roller-Bike Parade and have even tried exercise “the Swedish way” with Friskis & Svettis Brussels, which I found way more fun than the gym. 

This past weekend, I hopped on the train to Ghent for a day trip and took in some beautiful scenery.  I love photography and needless to say, this picturesque city didn’t disappoint!  I walked the meandering canals, visited Werregarenstraat's graffitied alleys and admired the medieval Gravensteen castle.  All in all, it’s been a busy week and I’m looking forward to my next adventure already!

Picturesque canals in Ghent
Graffiti along Werregarenstraat
Graslei waterfront, Ghent
The majestic Gravensteen castle

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