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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sustainability Communications Lunch with Nuno Bacharel from @YourFormula

“Social Media is part of life”, advised Nuno Bacharel at the latest Sustainability Communications Lunch on Monday.

Nuno Bacharel is communications conselor at Cefic and Editor-in-Chief of YourFormula.  YourFormula aims to pull together the best of sustainable thinking in the chemistry sector.  It is a platform for young scientists which is looking for young, fresh ideas to help build a future where everyone can play a role. 

Nuno explained why social media is shaping sustainability communications.  It provides 1) transparency as it shows you are not hiding and are open to engaging with the public, 2) interaction as it allows direct engagement with contacts and clients and 3) flexibility as you can update information whenever needed.

Nuno presented seven tips to build an effective social media campaign.  They are 1/ ‘Analyse your business’, 2/ ‘Define objectives’, 3/ ‘Identify your target audience’, 4/ ‘One size doesn’t fit all’, 5/ ‘Content is king’, 6/ ‘Be prepared for crisis communications’ and 7/ ‘Measure your success’.

The tone we use on social media should be targeted to the audience.  In the case of YourFormula, the target audience is young scientists so Nuno’s fresh voice is important.  Creativity, simplicity and clarity on the messages about our business and interaction with others are essential.

Nuno tweets @bacharel and you can find out more @YourFormula and on the YourFormula Facebook page.  You can find Nuno’s presentation from the Lunch here.  If there is sufficient interest, we will look to run this session again later in the year as Nuno’s presentation was really excellent in making the link between social media and sustainability communications.

The Sustainability Communications Lunches will take a short break over the summer.  We will be back in September.

You can check the blogs of the previous Sustainability Communications Lunches.

Have a nice summer!
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