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Friday, 26 April 2013

NGOs Win the Debate on Fuel Efficiency Standards

Source: Transport & Environment
On Wednesday 24 April 2013, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee voted on legislation to determine how to implement the EU target of average CO2 emissions of 95g per kilometre by 2020, and 130 grams per kilometre by 2015 for passenger vehicles. 

According to Transport & Environment (T&E) and Greenpeace, the European car industry has been lobbying against the proposed emissions reduction for the last six years, arguing that the industry will collapse, cars will be unaffordable and that the consumer does not actually want to buy low emission and fuel-efficient cars. 

The two NGOs argue that most manufacturers are already finding ways to meet the targets and that the fuel economy standards drive innovation like never before.  They say that cars are getting cheaper and that in fact, car buyers value fuel efficiency.

In the 2009 fuel efficiency regulation, the carbon emissions target was set at 95 grams CO2/kilometer for 2020.  This week’s Environment Committee vote on how to reach those targets supports the NGOs’ position and the science around fuel efficiency and innovation.

On Monday 22 April, before the Committee vote, Transport & Environment presented an animated video in the European Parliament showing the oil and money that would be wasted if the European Parliament votes to weaken the 2020 fuel efficiency standards.

From a sustainability communications perspective, the cartoon’s design, music and the way it delivers its key messages work well.

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