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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

What is Sustainable HR?

Source: http://www.kauri.be
At a recent Kauri event, the Belgian CSR organisation brought together representatives from the HR industry with companies to discuss how to approach human resources (HR) in a more sustainable way.  So what is sustainable HR and why do we need it?

Some recommendations made at the event were to have a value-based HR policy which sees employees as the purpose of the company instead of merely a means to an end.  In practice, this means to interview existing employees about their working practices, let them evaluate you, celebrate successes, reward your employees, let your employees evolve, minimise their stress, offer a good work-life balance and much more.

The event concluded with discussing Antwerp Management School’s REC approach to HR.  REC adapts the three P’s for the HR context.  It stands for Respect, Environment and Continuity and is specifically designed to build a sustainable HR policy.  Eventually, all attendees were divided into groups on the three REC topics to discuss and share their ideas.

This was one of our first events as a Kauri member and all in all, it was very interesting and well-aligned with our approach to human resources. 

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