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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Five Tips for More Sustainable Gifts

Source: Greatgreenbe Wordpress

The holiday season involves a certain amount of consumption but you can enjoy the festivities without going overboard or being Scrooge-like.  Christmas gifts need not be throwaway junk transported halfway round the world.  Choosing ethical or local handmade gifts over mass-produced rubbish works for the gift-giver, receiver and the wider community.

 1. Make your own – There’s something about winter in the Northern Hemisphere that makes you want to start preserving, pickling and baking.  Make your own gifts but don’t forget to sterilise the jam jars! 

 2.    Buy ethical – See our earlier post on our Five Favourite Ethical Brands or shop around for gifts that contribute something to the community that made them.

3.  Buy handmade – Crafting websites like Etsy make it easy to buy handmade gifts.  Or try craft markets and Christmas markets.  Look for local and sustainable materials where possible.

4.     Make a hamper – Just the thought of receiving a hamper for Christmas will fill most foodies with joy (hint hint!).  Why not visit your local health food store and fill a hamper with local and organic goodies?  Choose a recipient that can be reused or just a box that can be recycled.

5.     Give your time – Instead of buying a gift, offer some hours of your time instead.  Imagine receiving a voucher for some hours of babysitting, cleaning or ironing or a dinner party cooked for you.  Or for homemade cake!

Your Formula, the European Chemical Industry’s platform for sharing ideas on a sustainable future, also has its Seven Formulas for a Sustainable Christmas.  Thanks to Nuno for sharing.