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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Paving the Way to 2050: European Ceramic Industry Launches Roadmap

As part of its 50th anniversary, Cerame-Unie, the European ceramic industry association, today launched its Roadmap to 2050.  Entitled ‘Paving the Way to 2050’, the Ceramic Roadmap aims to kick start the debate on the future of the ceramic industry, the emissions reductions which are possible and the technology needed to make the reductions a reality. 
Sustainability Consult worked closely with Cerame-Unie to make the Ceramic Roadmap a reality, producing the report and assisting with the launch.

“Our ambition was to develop a common vision in our industry,” said Alain Delcourt,  Cerame-Unie’s President.  Keynote speaker William Neale, member of the Cabinetof Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potocnik, praised the industry’s initiative by saying that the Ceramics Roadmap was very much aligned with the Commission Resource Efficiency Roadmap to 2050.

Laura Cohen, Chair of the Ceramic Roadmap Steering Committee, guided us through the main key messages of the Roadmap and presented the emissions reduction model developed by Cerame-Unie.  She called on policymakers to take the durability and lifecycle of ceramic products and their applications into account when calculating their carbon footprint.

Kathryn Sheridan from Sustainability Consult moderated the stakeholder panel discussion at the launch, focusing on the main achievements, commitments and concerns of the ceramic industry on the European Commission targets to 2050.

You can download the Ceramic Roadmap and read the press release here.

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