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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Most Innovative EU Biotech SME Awards

Source: ProtAffin AG
The Most Innovative EU Biotech SME Awards ceremony took place this month on the European Parliament.  Organised by the European Association for Biotechnology, the top five candidates presented their outstanding.  This year, two innovative SMEs shared this prestigious award.

The first winner was French SME Global Bioenergies, a company which has developed processes to convert carbohydrates from renewable resources such as agricultural waste, sugar and starch into isobutene, a hydrocarbon which has until now only been obtained from oil.  This substance is used for biofuels, plastics and rubbers.  This new way to produce such molecules has very low associated toxicity and is less energy-intensive than the traditional processes, contributing to the CO2 emission reduction.

The other winner was Austrian-based SME ProtAffin AG.  Their advances in therapies for inflammatory lung disease are based on processes developing glycan-binding decoy proteins.  ProtAffin plans to apply this technology to create pharmaceutical drugs in the fields of immune-inflammatory, neuro-inflammatory indications and oncology.

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