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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Eating Our Way to a More Sustainable Future

Source: WWF    

The LiveWell for LIFE WWF UK project was launched yesterday in Brussels at a lunchtime policy debate, moderated by Giles Merritt, Secretary General of Friends of Europe.  WWF Director of European Policy Tony Long kicked off the event by revealing some startling statistics that highlight the need for a shift to more sustainable food.  For example, food accounts for roughly 25% of humanity’s ecological footprint and so cannot be forgotten when talking about a sustainable future for our planet.  Any meaningful attempt to reduce CO2 emissions must also include changes in food production and consumption. 

LiveWell for LIFE proposes a new way of eating with a dual focus on food that is both healthy and sustainable.  The project will develop the LifeWell Plate, a tool that can be adapted to on a country-by-country basis while universally enforcing five key principles:
·       Eating more vegetables
·       Eating less meat
·       Reducing food waste
·       Cutting down on processed foods
·       Buying certified sustainable food whenever possible

By encouraging people to eat based on these principles, LiveWell hopes to foster healthy eating and help reduce the environmental impact of food.  Pilot programs are being launched in Spain, France and Sweden, an acknowledgement of the diverse food cultures in the EU.

The lively debate that ensued reflects the complexity of food issues and the challenges of changing consumer’s eating habits.  Food has strong cultural, emotional and socioeconomic elements as well as a vast network of stakeholders at every level of the food chain.  All of these elements must be addressed to change consumer behaviour and our relationship with food.

The LiveWell for LIFE project is funded by a €2 million grant from the European Commission and is a partnership between the WWF – UK, the WWF European Policy Office and Friends of Europe.

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