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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Speed dating on.... sustainable food!

Everybody is aware that eating better means not only improving our health, but also reducing the impact of our food production in the environment. But who exactly is out there to helps us, consumers, on this? That's what I found out last Friday, when I 'speed dated' a group of fascinating and diverse people, all related to sustainable food.

The Speed Dating was organised by Rabad, an NGO that works as a common platform to organisations working on sustainable food, from farmers to cooks, but also with retailors or restaurants. The participants of this event were a close match of that. Each date lasted about 6 minutes, the perfect timing to introduce ourselves and to exchange our experiences and views on sustainability.

So who did I met? I met Daniel. Daniel runs a social and sustainable project called Den Diepen Boomgaard, coupled to an organic farm and food shop not far from Brussels, in Grimbergen, where they offer employment opportunities to people sidelined from the labour market. I also talked to Karin, a nutritionist and nutrition coach who organises workshops where she teaches us how to eat in a healthier way. Malika, from Innovative Cuisine, is a not only a cook, but also a recipe creator and a food stylist! Rob, from Coduco, who among other things audits and coaches us on sustainable consumption. Catherine, from the organic restaurant Trop Bon (yummy!), was also present and told me she additionally offers catering services taking into account food allergies and intolerances as well as workshops on Slow Food. Thierry, from Poseco, gave me a good briefing on the concept of Positive Economy and introduced me to several interesting Belgian platforms on this matter. Christine was present representing EcoInnovation, an organisation that promotes urban agriculture in Brussels, including in roof gardens!  Finally, I also met Justine from Exquisite Green, who works on making organic food available to everyone by distributing products directly from the farmers to the consumers.

As you can see, I spent quite a nice and interesting evening. And by the way, the event was featured by Kamilou and at MundoB, the Brussels Sustainable House.

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