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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Living The Dream

What motivated us to set up Sustainability Consult was the belief that we could service our clients perfectly from a variety of locations.  If we are personally fulfilled by living a more flexible life, we have an energy and inspiration for our work which is unrivalled.  This is why the Network is spread across Europe, all doing their own thing, and why I have spent January and February enjoying the natural beauty of Colorado.  This was my dream.  
There is a different inspiration when working from the mountains.  The view from my desk is of icicles snaking down from the roof of the wooden house, snow-covered trees, houses and well, snow-covered everything.  We work, ski, hike, snowshoe and work some more.  There is no need for a car and I'm not brave enough to cycle in the snow and ice, although many do.  So far, client feedback is positive but we will of course evaluate this properly on our return.
At the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) annual conference, a speaker made the point that if you travel, you should travel for longer.  Although I've offset my flight (9,760 miles and 1.76 tonnes CO2) with Carbonfund.org, an organisation which supports renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects worldwide, I do agree that it's better to stay a while.
There's a tremendous community here.  It started out as an old mining town and became a hippie commune long before the wealthy second home owners and artists flooded in.  We're now left with a mix of all of the above.  We talk to strangers and we entertain our neighbours.  Back home, I barely know the people who live in the same building.
With another couple of weeks before the inevitable return to reality, I feel proud to have changed my reality.  And when I'm back down at sea level getting some 'face time' with friends and clients, I think they will feel this too.

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